Handy is a cross between and Australian Shepherd and possibly a Rottie. He currently weights approximately 69 pounds and is full grown. Handy has had a very tough life. The story goes, he was owned by a street person who died and left Handy to live on his own in the streets. He had made friends with two other dogs which helped them to become a pack. The three of these pups were inseparable and protected each other from the cruelty that other people and animals bestowed upon him. With the help of two wonderful ladies they spent over 2 months trying to catch these three dogs and to be able to save them. After many hours of sitting and coaxing with treats Handy was able to be caught and taken to one of the volunteers homes. She promptly took Handy to the vet and got shots, heartworm test, flea and ticks removed. We received a call from this lovely lady and she asked if we would be willing to accept Handy into our program. He is still very shy and skittish, but wouldn’t you be if you lived on the street for over 2 years. He is approximately 3-4 years old and house trained. As most of you know we are a Saint rescue so Handy does not fit out normal profile. However, once you meet him anyone would fall madly in love with this gorgeous boy that just needs TLC and a wonderful forever home to make him feel secure. He is heartworm positive and will be neutered August 2nd. Once the neuter is healed we will arrange to have his heartworm treatment completed. The heartworm treatment will be covered with the funds that were raised by these two woman on FundRazz. If your heart is open to REALLY save a dog that is a true rescue story, please consider meeting our Handy.

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Fred has been ADOPTED!

Fred is an approximately 5 year old full gorgeous Saint. He is the kind of boy that likes to sleep and get a lot of love and attention. He would be perfect for someone who works during the day because Fred likes to sleep most of the day. He is a very low maintenance dog, does not require any medication at this time and just likes to go out a couple times a day to do his business and then stay close to his owner or be by himself. He does not require a crate, he is housetrained and does not destroy anything while you are away. However, that is here, so that is not a guarantee. Fred was an owner surrender to a high kill shelter which contacted us. He would do better being an only child and no children whatsoever. Fred was heartworm positive but after treatment he is now negative. He is neutered, up to date on all vaccinations and house trained.

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Lucky is a wonderful, lucky boy because he has wound up at St. Cloud’s Rescue!  As most of you know, we are the Saint Bernard Rescue for the Dallas area and take fabulous care of these dogs that have either been surrendered, lost, abandoned or in shelters. Lucky has had a little bit of all, he was a owner surrender, he was lost and was in a shelter. That is why we have named him Lucky.

Lucky is a 2 year old full Saint that weighs approximately 90 pounds. He is a little underweight but should not weigh more than 100 pounds based on his structure. He was just neutered, is totally housetrained and is a joy to be around. He is a boy that will require a privacy fence minimum 6 feet tall.  In Lucky’s past he was able to escape, however, we do not know what kind of fencing they had at the home he came from. Based on Lucky’s size and temperament he would make a great dog for any person or family. He is very kind and very quiet. If you are wanting a smaller Saint that is full grown and house trained, please consider Lucky.

PS… The not so good news is that he is heartworm positive and will be receiving treatment as soon as his neuter surgery is healed. He is available for adoption but can not go to his new home until after his heartworm treatment.

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Meet our Goldie. Here in Texas, as many of you know, we have had some very severe storms this spring. Very recently we had a storm with 65 hour wind and during this storm a beautiful soaked female golden mix came to our gate. We quickly took her in and gave her food water and warmth. Signs and internet postings were sent out to try to find her home. That failed and she was taken to the shelter to give her the best chance of being reclaimed. While at the shelter she received shots and no chip was found. We had notified the shelter if no one claimed her we would take her to get well and taken care of until she was adopted. As many of us are used to, no one claimed her. We picked her up, got rid of all the ticks and fleas and now we are working to get her strong and healthy enough to be adopted. She is very underweight at this point and we do not know how old she really is until she gets her vet appointment. She looks like a golden retriever with pointed ears. Goldie is one of the most gentle and quiet dogs you could ever meet. We have introduced her to our nicest dogs and she gets alone great with them. If you have wanted a golden but could not find one or did not want to purchase one Miss Goldie is a fabulous option to consider.

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Pebbles and Bam Bam were brought in together. Pebbles is a smaller female Saint Bernard that was used for breeding over and over. She is approximately 2-3 years old and is spayed and now weighs close to 100 pounds. She has lots of energy and has a wonderful personality. She enjoys being groomed and getting her bath. We have not yet introduced her to other dogs other than Bam Bam where they lived together. She has received all her shots and heart worm negative and doing great. If you have wanted a smaller Saint but want all the personality of a Saint you might consider meeting our Pebbles.

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Gabby is special, special, female Saint. She was an owner surrender at the age of 8. She has been fully vetted and blood tested and all blood work came back in normal ranges. She is heartworm negative, spayed and is a joy to be around. She is great with other Saints. She is currently on medications to help her hips due to her age. There is no surgery required. This is just normal with older Saints. If you are wanting a fabulous Saint that will give you love and attention without headaches Miss Gabby is a girl to consider. She weighs 125 pounds.

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Bam Bam

Bam Bam and Pebbles were brought in together. Bam Bam is a gorgeous male Saint Bernard that is between of 2-3. He is heartworm positive but will be receiving his treatment soon. He has been neutered and will no longer be helping Pebbles have babies. He is app 125 pounds and has a gorgeous mahogany coat. We have not introduced him to other dogs yet due to his surgeries. He will not be allowed to be adopted until his heartworm treatment is finished and six weeks after that date. If you want a magnificent gorgeous young Saint, Bam Bam is one you might consider meeting. We will take a deposit on Bam Bam until he is ready to be adopted.

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Beautiful Bella!

Bella is loving her new home and her two sisters!

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Our Data numbers…

Records from January 2016 – February 2017 for Shelter Animals Count




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Happy family!

We got this update on two of our alumni!

Puppy Spice is growing nicely!

 Spice, Bevo, and
Davis clan

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Our Giving Grid… Please help us keep our dogs happy & healthy!


Please check out our Giving Grid for help in donations for medical needs.  We have many dogs that are heart worm positive and we are needing to get several dogs spayed, neutered and  vaccinated.   We also need heartworm medications and dog food.

Please help if you can, any little amount helps!


Thank you,

St. Cloud’s Rescue

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Mr. Harley is a St. Bernard that is approximately one year old and is ready for his new home!  He is a very playful young male that loves to play with females. He has a lot of energy and it is hard to wear him out!   If you have been looking for a dog to go running, walking, biking with, Harley might be the perfect companion. Harley is current on all shots and has been patiently waiting for the perfect home.; He needs to have training since he is so young so that he doesn’t jump up on people.

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Wally is gorgeous saint that could be a show quality dog. He is a wonderful boy who loves everyone, including children. He is approximately 4 years old and weighs approximately 137 pounds. He is heartworm negative, current on all vaccinations and neutered. However, Wally has epilepsy and requires phenobarbital, 2 pills twice a day, the cost is approximately $38.00 per month. Wally will only be allowed to go to a home where he will receive medicine and attention he requires for the rest of his life. He has not had a seizure in over a year. He has received blood tests each year to make sure all medical levels are correct.

If you have dreamed of one of the most beautiful Saints you have ever seen Wally is definitely a dog to consider.

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Texas came to us from a high kill animal shelter. He has had a tough life and has not received much love during his 4 years on this earth. We will not adopt him to anyone with children and would prefer him to go to a home that understands and has experience with Saint Bernards. He is housetrained and current on vaccinations. He is a gorgeous Saint, however, it will be several months before he can be adopted. This is due to him being heartworm positive and not yet neutered. If you are interested in meeting Texas, we are able to show him, however, understand it will be several months before he can go to his new home.

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St Clouds Rescue will not be available from Sept 12 to Sept 18.

If there is a dog emergency concerning one of our past adopted dogs please call Gisela at 214-502-6028.
We will not be accepting any new dogs during these dates.

Thank you,

St. Cloud’s Rescue

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