Adoption Process

How much do the animals cost? And what is included?

Our animals are not for sale, no do you buy them. Our animals are not merchandise; they are living beings entrusted to our care. They are available to be adopted for a donation.

St.Clouds Rescue’s donation requirement is $350.00 however St.Clouds rescue Reserves the right to increase the required donation based on the dog and the breed. Your donation includes the spaying or neutering, rabies vaccination, parvo/corona/distemper vaccination, bordetella, heartworm testing, and worming. It also includes a collar, ID tag and leash. On average we spend more than $300.00 caring for each companion, so any additional donations are greatly appreciated.

Why do I have to complete an application?

We need information about your home environment to find the best possible home for our companions and to meet the individual needs of each animal. We also want to make sure the pet you have chosen will be best suited to your home situation. We pride ourselves on selecting permanent homes for our companions. For this reason we need to know your home and lifestyle situation, such as: if there are young children in the family, whether you have other pets, if your apartment complex has weight or breed restrictions, pet limits or requires a deposit.

Where do I send my application?

Please email your finished application to [email protected].

Can I take him or her home today?

No, for several reasons. Let us explain. Our return rate significantly dropped when our companions no longer left the adopt-a-pet the same day. To eliminate our pets acquired on an impulse, we allow our potential adopters to carefully consider their decision. After all, this will be up to a 15-year commitment. Also, for example: sometimes a puppy is irresistible but when you get home you realize your schedule may not permit for the additional responsibilities required with one this young.

Another reason our pets do not go home from the adopt-a-pet function is we have an independent committee that reviews all the applications received. They know our animals and select the best home environment for the dog from the candidates. Not only do we have applications submitted at the adopt-a-pet for our companions we also have applications faxed daily to our office.

Is it not worth waiting a few days for a companion you will have for a lifetime?

How long does it take?

Normally the final decisions are made by the following Wednesday. It is very important you have completed all the questions to prevent delays in processing your application.