Mr. Harley is a St. Bernard that is approximately one year old and is ready for his new home!  He is a very playful young male that loves to play with females. He has a lot of energy and it is hard to wear him out!   If you have been looking for a dog to go running, walking, biking with, Harley might be the perfect companion. Harley is current on all shots and has been patiently waiting for the perfect home.; He needs to have training since he is so young so that he doesn’t jump up on people.

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Dalton is a 2 year old gorgeous, mahogany Saint that was an owner surrender to us because they could no long care for him. He is approximately 120 pounds, very tall and beautiful. He has a wonderful personality that fits in with all of our dogs here. He is housetrained and a pleasure to be around.

We would prefer him to find a home that has experience with large breed dogs and will give him the love and attention he deserves. Dalton is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.
Please share our beautiful Dalton. He is ready for his forever home!

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Amber is one of the sweetest and gentlest Saints we have ever had. She is approximately 3 years old who was heartworm positive when we got her. She has been treated for heartworms and is available to be shown to people, but is not able to go to a new home until the middle of April. This is due to the requirements of being quiet and leash walked for 6 weeks after the heartworm treatment. She has the shiniest and silkiest coat you will find on a Saint. She weighs 96 pounds and loves to eat!!!! She is spayed, housetrained and up to date on vaccinations.

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Our Data numbers…

Records from January 2016 – February 2017 for Shelter Animals Count

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Wally is gorgeous saint that could be a show quality dog. He is a wonderful boy who loves everyone, including children. He is approximately 4 years old and weighs approximately 137 pounds. He is heartworm negative, current on all vaccinations and neutered. However, Wally has epilepsy and requires phenobarbital, 2 pills twice a day, the cost is approximately $38.00 per month. Wally will only be allowed to go to a home where he will receive medicine and attention he requires for the rest of his life. He has not had a seizure in over a year. He has received blood tests each year to make sure all medical levels are correct.

If you have dreamed of one of the most beautiful Saints you have ever seen Wally is definitely a dog to consider.
Pictures to follow!

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Duke is a beautiful, medium coat, full Saint that is 16 months old. We do not recommend him going to a home with children. He is approximately 2 ½ years old. We recommend that he goes to a family that has experience with Saint Bernards. He is housetrained, current on all vaccinations and heartworm negative. He gets along well with most all dogs. Duke is weighs approximately 115 pounds and is still growing!

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Tank is a registered AKC Saint Bernard that is 1 year old. He is a beautiful short haired boy that has been loved and treated properly. As all one year old Saints he could use obedience training in order to control his 140 pounds of giant Saint. He is a fabulous boy and will make someone a fabulous pet and best friend. He is neutered , heartworm negative and current on all vaccinations.

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Texas came to us from a high kill animal shelter. He has had a tough life and has not received much love during his 4 years on this earth. We will not adopt him to anyone with children and would prefer him to go to a home that understands and has experience with Saint Bernards. He is housetrained and current on vaccinations. He is a gorgeous Saint, however, it will be several months before he can be adopted. This is due to him being heartworm positive and not yet neutered. If you are interested in meeting Texas, we are able to show him, however, understand it will be several months before he can go to his new home.

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Biscuit is a one year old male Newfie/Border Collie mix. He is a fabulous, smart young man that loves women and is ok with men once he gets to know and trust them. He never barks or growls at a man but is very skittish . It only takes him about ½ hour and then he becomes a gentleman’s friend. He has a gorgeous black and white coat and is approximately 60 pounds. He is housetrained, heartworm negative and he will be neutered on 2/20/2017, and will be ready to go to a new home by March 1st.

If you love the look of a Newfie but want a small size, our Biscuit is option for a loving home and family.

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We hope most of you have seen the movie, A Dog’s Purpose. If you have you will definitely fall in love with Cody, which looks like the last dog shown in the movie. He is very similar to this wonderful movie dog in looks and in actions. He is mainly a Saint and has some other wonderful breed mixed in. He came to us from a high kill shelter with his back leg cut wide open. After several months of medicine and medical care his back leg has healed and he runs and plays like any other wonderful dog would. During the time he was wounded, he never once cried or showed any aggression to anyone. He has the temperament of a Saint and weighs approximately 100 pounds. When he came to us he was only 83 pounds. Cody is housetrained, loves all dogs, and is looking for a fabulous home where he can continue to receive love and attention and who knows, he may star in his own movie someday!

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Care Bear has been ADOPTED!

Care Bear is a 4 month old gorgeous puppy that was an owner surrender. He currently weighs approximately 40 pounds. We believe he is a mix between a gorgeous fluffy that could be part Saint Bernard or Leonburger possibly mixed with Golden Retriever. Whatever he is, he is adorable and sweet as can be. He is housetrained, he will be neutered prior to adoption and is current on all of his shots.

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Jackson 3

Jackson 3 came from a high kill shelter situation where his time was up. He is part Saint Bernard and part Great Pyrenees. He is microchipped, housetrained, loves people to pet him and loves to receive attention. Jackson weighs approximately 70 pounds. We believe him to be around 3 years old. He is an all-around good young man that would make anyone a great companion. He is able to go play, run, hike and any other activity when you are ready. Call his name and he will come running!

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Miss Bertha Butt…


Bertha Butt is a fabulous full Saint Bernard that has been loved and very well treated, however, she somehow wound up in a city shelter and another recuse group rescued her and had all of medical needs taken care of. Bertha Butt is a mature senior Saint that is looking for a lovely family or person that will give her the love and attention she so deserves. She is very well mannered, housetrained and just a joy to be around. A perfect day in the life of Bertha Butt is to sit or lay right by her owner and be petted and look into her big brown eyes and be told I love you. Bertha loves to be walked and to receive treats and regular dog food. She would prefer to be the only dog but can be with other dogs once she has spent about 5 to 10 minutes getting to know a new friend. She likes to be the number one in a person’s life at least in dog language. If you are looking for a great dog that requires very little maintenance and will be kind, gentle and sweet to you please consider our Miss Bertha Butt.

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Missy is an owner surrender that is approximately 4 years old. She is a very energetic young lady that weighs approximately 80 pounds. She loves to play and run and enjoys being petted and loved. She lived with Bozo however, we feel it is best to adopt them separately. Without a doubt she is an alpha female and will be the dog in charge. We recommend her being the only dog however, if you have a submissive male, we are happy to consider showing Missy to you and seeing if they get along well. She is current on all vaccinations and has been spayed. She is heartworm positive and will be receiving her heartworm treatment around December 1st.

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Bozo has been ADOPTED

Bozo is an owner surrender. He is approximately 7 years old. He is a very sweet loving boy that is looking for a kind home that will treat him with respect and dignity. You can tell by Bozo’s coat he has not received a lot of love and attention, however, he is very sweet and loves humans. He is a good boy that is looking for someone to love him. He is approximately 90 pounds and is current on all of his vaccinations. He will be neutered soon. He is heart worm positive but he received his treatment today. He will be ready to go to his new home in early December.

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