Toby Keith

Toby Keith is a true Okie that is looking for a wonderful home that has true Texas or Oklahoma roots. Toby came to us from a very high kill shelter in Oklahoma. He is a fabulous well-mannered beautiful healthy 1-2 year old neutered male. We believe he is ½ Saint Bernard and ½ lab. As we all know that is a wonderful combination and gives a great personality for any dog. Toby knows how to sit and to shake hands. He comes when you call. He does not retrieve toys at this point because he would prefer to spend time with his human companions. Toby is very gentle but when he hears sounds that he is unsure of he will bark and let you know something isn’t quite right. Toby weighs approximately 80-90 pounds and is fully grown. He has a beautiful, thick, brown coat with Saint markings on his face. If you are wanting a true companion and a new best friend please consider meeting our Toby Keith and don’t forget to bring your cowboy hat!

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Ruby & Emerald




~~~Ruby & Emerald~~~

As we all know Emeralds are very precious stones. We have named this gorgeous saint, Emerald after that precious stone. She is a 3 year old Saint that is house trained and is a fabulous size around 90 pounds. Emerald came to us with her mother,  Ruby. Ruby is 5 years old. The two girls are very bonded and Emerald is lost without her mother being by her side!  We are looking for a home where these two girls can be together for the rest of their lives. Ruby is larger and has more of the traditional Saint Bernard markings. She weighs approximately 125 lbs. Both girls are very healthy and are looking for the right family that adores Saint Bernards. Emerald is the more shy of the two and needs more socialization than Ruby. They have not spent much time outside in the real world. They came from a house where they lived in the backyard. We do not ever want these girls to live like that again. These are two wonderful girls that are gorgeous inside and out. If you are interested in these girls please contact us at St. Cloud’s Rescue.

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Holly has been ADOPTED! ;-)

Holly is gorgeous lab and great pry mix, 2 year old female. She came to us from a high kill shelter where her time is up. She has the disposition of the pyr by being gentle and calm and has the beautiful coat and coloring like a lab. She loves other dogs, and is very mellow to everyone she meets.

If you are wanting either a great pyr or a lab, this is a phenomenal girl that we are very pleased to have rescued. She will be getting spayed this month and is current on her vaccinations. She is housebroken.

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Sammy is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. He is approximately 1 year old and weighs 69 pounds. He was found running on a highway and was scared to death. A lovely couple picked him up and had his shots done. Sammy is neutered and would do better with a family with no children. He loves to play with other dogs and has lots of energy to run and play. He is a great medium sized dog and has a gorgeous coat and beautiful eyes!

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Ranger is a full Saint Bernard, neutered and approximately 2 years old. He came to us from a shelter as a stray and is still on the thin side and needs to add about 20 pounds.

Ranger is housetrained and very good with other dogs.   He knows how to sit and shake hands.    He has some hair loss due to fleas but that will change very quickly with good nutrition and flea preventative.  

If you are wanting a full Saint that is very sweet and gentle but loves to run and play please consider meeting Ranger.

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Bear & Baby



Baby is a full female Saint Bernard that came to us with Bear, which is a Newfoundland. The two have lived together all of their lives since they were puppies.They are owner surrenders due to a military family being deployed out of the country. These two are the sweetest Saint and Newfie you will ever find. They are house trained and love other animals.

We believe Baby and Bear to 5-6 years old and are in great health. Baby is to be spayed before April and Bear is already neutered. In the best case scenario we would love someone to adopt these two together. It is not mandatory but that is our goal. An application that will adopt both will take preference.

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We would like you to meet Atlas.

Atlas is a pure Asian Shepherd also known as Central Asian Ovtcharka. This breed is one of the oldest breed in dog history. However, they are very rare here in the US. Atlas has all the traits and temperament that is common and prevalent in this breed. He is a giant baby and loves his owners. However, he is not good with other dogs. Based on his breed he is more of a protector and a guardian for his owner or animal that he is guarding. We are working on socializing Atlas. He is a gorgeous boy that loves to be petted and brushed. He came to us from a kill shelter and is heartworm positive. We will be providing his heartworm treatment within the next few weeks. You may notice in the pictures his ears and tail have been docked. The docking in very common to this breed. If you have wanted a giant breed and one of the most beautiful dogs you will ever meet, please consider meeting Atlas. He currently weights 130 and needs to put on another 20. He is as large as or larger than a Great Dane in height. He has to be the only animal, no dogs and no cats.

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Snow Bernards!

We here at St. Cloud’s are getting quite a bit of snow and our Saints  have turned into Snow Bernards!

Here are some of our alums and ready to be adopted dogs enjoying the weather!

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Update on Lucky!

We have met our goal for Lucky’s surgery!  Thank you SO much for all your donations!

Lucky is continuing rehab 3 times a week. Daily exercises are being done at St. Cloud’s Rescue.   We are determined that Lucky will have full use of his leg again. 

Thank you! Thank you, Thank you!


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Tucker is heartworm positive and will be treated as soon as he gains weight and can tolerate the treatment.

Tucker came to us from out of state through an animal shelter and caring folks that understood that Saint Bernard’s need to be adopted by people who understand the breed. Tucker is 2 years old, recently neutered and is heartworm positive. We will be providing his heartworm treatment by the end of February. He needs to gain weight and become comfortable in his new environment before we go thru the heartworm treatment. He has a beautiful buff coat and just needs to learn how to love again and trust people. He is so thin you can tell he was starved at some point in his life. If you are wanting a younger Saint you might consider meeting our Tucker.

He will not be allowed to be adopted until the heartworm treatment is completed.

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Bear came to us as an owner surrender. He has been owned by a lovely lady that has taken fabulous care of him and given him lots of love and attention. However, Bear was surrendered because he can and continued to jump their 4 foot chain link fence. Since the owner did not own the property where they lived they could not replace the fence. They were afraid Bear would get out and be run over or be injured roaming the streets. Since he has been with us he has never attempted to jump our fence because he is busy playing with all of his new friends. Bear is very large St. Bernard that is mainly a shorthair. He is great with other dogs, especially girls. He is neutered, heartworm negative and is just a great big cuddle bug. As soon as you pet him he will fall down on your feet and turn over so you will rub his belly. He is 3 years old. He weighs approx. 135 pounds. If you are wanting a great personality fun loving Saint please consider meeting Mr. Bear.

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Lucky is our part Saint but mainly Australian Shepherd puppy. He is 7 months old. Lucky came to us on his last day of being on this earth at a high kill city shelter. When he arrived at the shelter he was not able to use one of his back legs due to either injury or a birth defect. Lucky received FHO hip surgery and is now finishing his rehabilitation. He is now able to put weight on his leg and is in no pain at any time. He is relearning how to use his back leg properly. We are lucky to have Lucky in our world. He is a loving, caring puppy that is housetrained and enjoys every minute of life. If you are looking for a nice medium size dog please consider bringing Lucky into your family. We will continue to provide all of his physical therapy cost.

We are desperate to raise the $2,000.00 we spent on Lucky’s FHO surgery and rehabilitation.

Please help us by donating to Lucky’s gofundme account  or donate to our paypal account at

Please help!

Thank you.

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Courtesy Post… Ms. Mona


Meet Ms. Mona.…..

I am approximately 3 & a half years old, a lab-golden mix, 50-55 lbs., house trained, crate trained, and some obedience training.  My foster Mom says I’m very sweet, loving, great with children, other dogs, and not hyper.  I love my daily walks with my foster dog brother.  I am current on my vaccinations, heart worm meds, and just had my teeth cleaned, a vet check, and have a healthy, glowing report.  My adoption fee is $200.  Once you meet me, I’m sure you’ll want me to be with you “fur-ever”.  My contact information is …..

Thank you for hearing my story.

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Our Bonnie is a full, short hair saint Bernard that weights approximately 100 pounds. We believe she is over 5 years old but unsure of her actual age. Throughout her life she has had several litters of puppies. She is a very calm and sweet girl that has not had an easy life. Bonnie is looking for a home where she can relax, enjoy a soft pillow and receive lots of love and attention. She is house trained and does not require a crate. She is heart worm negative, current on all her shots and is also micro chipped. If you have wanted a Saint Bernard but are concerned with space or energy level, Miss Bonnie may be the perfect choice for you.

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Merry Christmas from Clyde!

One of our former rescues, Clyde, insisted on decorating his yard for Christmas!

Good job, Clyde!

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