Hank is one of Aspen’s babies. He was returned to us yesterday. He has been well taken care of and he is so gentle and well mannered .

Hank was born in May 2014. If you are interested in this sweet boy please fill out an application, email or fax it to St. Cloud’s and please follow up with a phone call to Rosie 972-679-5319.

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Merry Christmas from Clyde!

One of our former rescues, Clyde, insisted on decorating his yard for Christmas!

Good job, Clyde!

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Phoebe is an owner surrender, heartworm negative full Saint that is approximately 11 months old.  She was purchased from a reputable breeder but her owner could no longer afford to care for her.  Phoebe has lived in an apartment setting all her life and is NOT housetrained.  She will be getting spayed soon and be ready to be adopted.  Since she is young, she will get a little bigger.

Phoebe is very playful, fun to be around and great with other dogs! 

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Kingsley  is an owner surrender,  full Saint that came to us from Texas.  He has a wonderful Saint stature and is simply gorgeous!  He loves life and loves to play, especially with other dogs. He is house trained and is heartworm negative.  

Kingsley will be one year old this month and would love to meet his forever family.  If you are wanting a big, pure male Saint, please consider our beautiful, regal Kingsley

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Harvey 2

Harvey 2 is a heartworm negative, mature saint that is estimated to be 5-6 years old. His owner left him without food or water after moving out!  It was a very sad situation and luckily,  with the help of  St. Cloud’s Rescue,  Harvey is now safe and is ready to look for a new home that will give him the love and attention he so deserves.  It is so unfair when people are so heartless and have no compassion for any living animal to be left to  survive on their own! Harvey does not deserve that kind of life.  He is a great boy that we just had  neutered and even with all he has been through, he still loves and trusts people. He will give you all the love that you give him!  

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Miss Riley

Miss Riley is a gorgeous female Gold Retriever mix, that has been with the same family since she was a puppy. Due to a lifestyle change the owners had to relinquish her which has broken their heart.

Miss Riley is a senior that loves attention, is very well trained and has the most gorgeous coat you will ever find!  She has been pampered and has received the best medical care in her years with the previous owner. She has received teeth cleaning as well, as all the regular shots throughout her life.

She is a wonderful dog and would do  better in a one dog household.  She is loving, gentle,  loves attention and being groomed. 

We are looking for a person or family that will love this beautiful girl as much as the previous owner did.  She weighs 68 pounds and is spayed, heartworm negative and current on all shots.  She have a lot of energy and loves to play, run and enjoy life.  She also is very good on a leash and has been trained and knows the basic commands such as sit, stay and down and can roll over on command!

If you have dreamed of a golden but would prefer a more mature pet please consider meeting Miss Riley.

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We have a winner!

Our winner for the portrait was drawn by Fetch Crew member, Cassidy of Rover’s Resort. Thank you Cassidy. The winner of the portrait is Beth Huntington. Thank you so much everyone for supporting this auction! And of course, our gratitude to the artist Nancy Colby is monumental! Thank you Nancy!!!

We have a wonderful artist, Nancy Colby who has donated a water color portrait that we are going to offer in a raffle. Her work can be viewed at http://www.catsbycolby.com. Depending on the size of the portrait her prices range from $150.00 to $375.00. If you win the raffle you will get to choose the size and that includes up to two pets in one portrait.

Tickets will be $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00.The raffle tickets sales start tomorrow.

HOW TO ORDER: You can contact me at 214-502-6028. If you are in the Prosper, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Frisco, Plano area I will be happy to meet you and deliver the tickets to you.

Our PayPal is stcloudsrescue@yahoo.com.  Please put your address and the purpose of your donation and I will send the tickets to you ASAP.

You may send a check made out to St. Cloud’s Rescue in care of me, Gisela Stogner, 1590 Blue Forest Dr. , Prosper, TX 75078 and I will mail you the tickets as soon as I get the checks.

HOW MUCH ARE THE RAFFLE TICKETS: Raffle Tickets are $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00.

WHEN IS THE WINNING TICKET DRAWN: Winning ticket is drawn December 16th by our friends at Rover Resort.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I WIN: You will get in contact with Nancy Colby. I will give you her information. She will tell you exactly what you need to send her and you will need to decide what size portrait you want.

Please help us make this a successful event!!! This portrait will give you many years of enjoyment and raise much needed funds for the pups at St. Cloud’s Rescue.

Thank you!

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Rosie & Sandy

Miss Sandy

Miss Rosie

We would like to introduce Miss Rosie and Miss Sandy.

They are three year old full Saint Bernards. They were raised by an elderly lady that had dementia and did not care for them properly. As time went on, the lady’s health condition deteriorated and she was not caring for the dogs at all.  Sadly, this lady was found deceased in her home and was not found until 2 weeks after she had died. During that time,  Rosie and Sandy did not receive any food or water. They both weighed in the middle 40 pound range when they were found. They were taken by the lady’s family to the vet to be euthanized since no one wanted to care for them. The vet was a very loving and choose not to euthanize the dogs. Both Rosie and Sandy were released to a 501c3 rescue organization which contacted St. Cloud’s Rescue.

Both dogs are three years old. Sandy is spayed and current on her shots. She is heartworm positive and we will have the heartworm treatment completed once she is in better condition. Rosie is also heartworm positive and will need to be spayed. We will also treat her heartworms once she can tolerate the treatment. Both girls currently weigh around 68.5 pounds. These two will not be ready for adoption right away due to the many medical needs that we are addressing. We are trying to raise money for their vast ongoing medical treatment. Thank you for your consideration.

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Check out some wonderful art!

A big thank you to Amy Bolin’s Far Out! Art for taking our rescue in!  If a person orders from her and chooses St. Cloud’s Rescue she gives the person 5% off and donates 10% to St Clouds!

Be sure to use the coupon code: STCLOUD.

Amy really has some cute stuff  and it’s all with her original artwork.   Go check it out!

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Sophia is a one year old full bred St. Bernard.  She came to us from Southern Texas and is a joy to be around. She is still in her goofy stage in that she doesn’t not know how large she is.

She is 100 pounds and will probably be 120 pounds full grown. We are working on her house training and she is making quick improvements.  However, once in a while she will have an accident.  Miss Sophia is as beautiful as the Sophia V of Modern Family. She is a perfect specimen of what all Saints should look like both inside and out.

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Farrah has been ADOPTED!

Sweet little Farrah is a Saint/Australian mix that is 40 pounds and about 5 months old. She is beyond adorable!

If you are interested in Farrah,  please fill out our application and then call Rosie to confirm that she received your application at 972-679-5319.

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One of our own just got a wonderful write up from

Larry Powell!

This is the original post on Read Larry Powell on Wally the Wonderdog.

 His name is Wally and he was surrendered to the Dallas Animal Services shelter because he’d been having seizures and his owner didn’t have the money to get him to a vet.
Danielle Fry, the animal transfer coordinator at DAS, issued an appeal and someone answered — St. Clouds Rescue in McKinney. He was transferred to the non-profits care last night, says St Clouds Rescue spokesperson Rosemary Adkins. She told Readlarrypowell.com, “Yes,  we are really the lucky rescue that saved Mr.  Wally! — with the help of a nice young lady named Lindsey who went and got him at the shelter and brought him to us.  We already love him to pieces.”
She says he arrive so late Wednesday that “we could not really find out much .. Wally has not had any seizures since we have had him .  Today he got a bath and all cleaned up.  Tomorrow [Friday] will be our first visit with our vet at Stonebriar Animal Clinic in Frisco.”
Dr. Lollie Mensik has the rescue monitoring Wally for seizures and any other suspicious thing. So he’s in “observation” and we’ll know soon, perhaps, the source of the seizures.
Rosemary says Wally has been by himself to protect other animals from any communicable problem. “He is a beautiful full St. Bernard that is kind and sweet.  We are sorry a person could not care for him due to financial concerns.  At St. Clouds Rescue , we are a small rescue that works with St. Bernards and other large breed dogs .  We have re-homed over 650 dogs since 2003.”
Obviously, whatever care Wally gets is going to cost money. There is a way to help St. Clouds Rescue deal with unexpected medical expenses such as this. You can go to www.stcloudsrescue.org and donate or, Rosemary says, go to the StoneBriar Animal Clinic in Frisco and “have it go to our hospital bill.”
And, you know, there might just be an opportunity to adopt Wally.

Email stcloudsrescue@yahoo.com and tell these folks you’re interested in a big dog who needs a good, loving home. 

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Snuggles has been ADOPTED!

Snuggles is a small Old English Sheepdog. She is between 2 and 3 years old and is a joy to be around. She is well groomed and loves both big and small dogs. Her little bobbed tail just wiggles with excitement when you call her name. She is a great size at 54 pounds. Sometime in her life she has lost sight in her right eye. It does not hurt her nor does it need medicine to maintain comfort. Her other eye is fine and gives her complete ability to run and play and see where she is going. As you can see from the pictures we have left her hair longer on her bad eye so that the sun doesn’t affect it. She loves being groomed and is great on walks. If you have dreamed of having an Old English now is your time to rescue a beautiful full Old English Sheepdog.. She is currently spayed and is heartworm negative.

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Dobie Gillis has been ADOPTED!

Mr. Dobie Gillis is an Australian Shepherd mix. He is approximately 1 ½ years old and like most Australian Shepherds, he is very intelligent. He knows how to sit and shake your hand. He has a great color combo with his brindle and white markings. Dobie weighs 64 pounds and is a wonderful size for any family.

If you are wanting a dog that is excellent in all ways please consider meeting our Mr. Dobie Gillis.

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Leroy Brown has been ADOPTED!

We would like to introduce Mr. Leroy Brown. He is a full Saint Bernard that has had a very tough life.  When we got him as a stray he had over 3,000 ticks on him.  It was quite a task to get him tick free! He does not even look like the same dog that we saved.

He has a gorgeous chestnut coloring and a great disposition. Leroy is looking for a home where he is never going to have to worry about getting food or shelter.  He needs lots of love and attention and a family or person that is patient to work with him to trust humans again. He is approx. 2 years old and has many years of love to give to the right home. Leroy currently weighs 96 pounds and needs to be about 120. He will be getting neutered later this month. He loves being bathed and enjoys a big bowl of food. He loves going for short walks and needs a home with a secure fence. He is heart worm negative.

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