Snuggles is a small Old English Sheepdog. She is between 2 and 3 years old and is a joy to be around. She is well groomed and loves both big and small dogs. Her little bobbed tail just wiggles with excitement when you call her name. She is a great size at 54 pounds. Sometime in her life she has lost sight in her right eye. It does not hurt her nor does it need medicine to maintain comfort. Her other eye is fine and gives her complete ability to run and play and see where she is going. As you can see from the pictures we have left her hair longer on her bad eye so that the sun doesn’t affect it. She loves being groomed and is great on walks. If you have dreamed of having an Old English now is your time to rescue a beautiful full Old English Sheepdog.. She is currently spayed and is heartworm negative.

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Dobie Gillis

Mr. Dobie Gillis is an Australian Shepherd mix. He is approximately 1 ½ years old and like most Australian Shepherds, he is very intelligent. He knows how to sit and shake your hand. He has a great color combo with his brindle and white markings. Dobie weighs 64 pounds and is a wonderful size for any family.

If you are wanting a dog that is excellent in all ways please consider meeting our Mr. Dobie Gillis.

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Leroy Brown

We would like to introduce Mr. Leroy Brown. He is a full Saint Bernard that has had a very tough life.  When we got him as a stray he had over 3,000 ticks on him.  It was quite a task to get him tick free! He does not even look like the same dog that we saved.

He has a gorgeous chestnut coloring and a great disposition. Leroy is looking for a home where he is never going to have to worry about getting food or shelter.  He needs lots of love and attention and a family or person that is patient to work with him to trust humans again. He is approx. 2 years old and has many years of love to give to the right home. Leroy currently weighs 96 pounds and needs to be about 120. He will be getting neutered later this month. He loves being bathed and enjoys a big bowl of food. He loves going for short walks and needs a home with a secure fence. He is heart worm negative.

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North Texas Giving Day…Success!

We closed the NTGD with $6,731.00. It will be several weeks before we know what the total will be with the percentage of matched funds that Donor’s Bridge will add. I will post the total as soon as we know it.

Again, thank you so much for your support. Rosie. Chuck and St. Cloud’s Rescue can’t do this alone and they appreciate you all very much.


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Our newest baby named Dolly. Isn’t she adorable?

She is our newest saint. She is a full saint and looks to be about 1.5 years old. She is a sweetheart!  Very sweet so far and in good shape.

No shots or HW test yet.

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Miss Riley

Miss Riley is a gorgeous female Gold Retriever mix, that has been with the same family since she was a puppy. Due to a lifestyle change the owners had to relinquish her which has broken their heart.

Miss Riley is a senior that loves attention, is very well trained and has the most gorgeous coat you will ever find!  She has been pampered and has received the best medical care in her years with the previous owner. She has received teeth cleaning as well, as all the regular shots throughout her life.

Miss Riley is fine with other dogs since she has been with us. We are looking for a person or family that will love this beautiful girl as much as the previous owner did.  She weighs 68 pounds and is spayed, heartworm negative and current on all shots.  She have a lot of energy and loves to play, run and enjoy life.  She also is very good on a leash and has been trained and knows the basic commands such as sit, stay and down.

If you have dreamed of a golden but would prefer a more mature pet please consider meeting Miss Riley.

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Our Bonnie is a full, short hair saint Bernard that weights approximately 100 pounds. We believe she is over 5 years old but unsure of her actual age. Throughout her life she has had several litters of puppies. She is a very calm and sweet girl that has not had an easy life. Bonnie is looking for a home where she can relax, enjoy a soft pillow and receive lots of love and attention. She is house trained and does not require a crate. She is heart worm negative, current on all her shots and is also micro chipped. If you have wanted a Saint Bernard but are concerned with space or energy level, Miss Bonnie may be the perfect choice for you.

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Barkley is quite the Saint Bernard. He is very thin and is needing to gain about 10 to 15 pounds. He is a love bucket and likes attention and LOVES to be cuddled. He enjoyed his bath and loves to be brushed by someone that is gentle. Barkley weighs 100 pounds and has cute pink nose. He will be getting neutered within the next few weeks.

Barkley has, at some time in his life, had a broken rear leg.  We have had our vet and a specialist examine the leg and they both agreed that since he is in no pain and the leg has completely healed. He runs and plays but when he is tired he will favor that leg.

If you are looking for a fabulous male Saint Bernard that smiles:-)please consider our Barkley!

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Update on Moose!

Moose was very scared and timid when he first came to us… 

But he now has a wonderful home and is a very happy boy! He looks great!

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Scentsy Fundraiser!

Robbin Sneddon, pack leader extraordinaire, sells Scentsy.  She has offered to run a fundraiser for St. Cloud’s Rescue for 2 months and donate ALL of her profits to St. Clouds!  There is absolutely no added cost to the buyer of the scentsy.  Please check out her website  and pick St. Cloud’s Rescue and place your order. There are many wonderful scents to choose from.  Robbin is starting the fundraiser for us a couple of days early,  so if folks want to take advantage of the ONE NATION warmer which is 10% off thru June 30th. You will be helping all the babies at St. Cloud’s Rescue. Thank you!!! 

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