Henry is loving life!

Henry, one of our alumni poses in his winter wonderland!

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Happy Mardi Gras!

St. Cloud’s Rescue and Houston Rosie wish everyone a

Happy and safe Mardi Gras!

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What a view!

This is Wayne and Diana’s back yard. Sheldon gets to see that each morning!

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Bubba has been ADOPTED!

Bubba is a fabulous sweetheart of a dog that loves every person and dog that he meets. He was living for 2 ½ months in a ditch in East Texas until a rescue person was kind enough to put him in her car and contacted us. Yes, we know he is not a Saint, however, he is one of the sweetest and kindest dogs you would ever want to meet. He has received all of his shots, is neutered and is heartworm negative. He is housetrained and is looking for a wonderful home that will give him the love and attention he has so greatly deserved. When her came to us he had over 100 ticks on him and was full of dead fleas as well. He was skin and bones and had been skunked so he was in desperate need of many baths. He has received all the love and attention any one dog could ask for since he has been with us. He is approximately 85 pounds and we believe him to be a Anatolian/Lab mix with maybe a little Shar Pei as well. The vet has put him at 1 ½ old. He is so loving you could not find a better family pet than Bubba. When he runs you can see some of the wrinkles on his face which is soooooo cute. He has a lab coat and lives with a Saint and they get along great.

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Waldo is a part Bassett Hound male that was dropped off at our rescue by an unknown person. Waldo has a great sense of humor and has the Bassett Hound ears and long body. He runs so cute and wants to be by you every moment of the day. If you ignore him he will act like true Bassett Hound and bark and howl until you give him your full attention. Waldo is housetrained and will just pitter patter around your home making sure you are close by. We believe Waldo to be between 3-5 years old. His coat is so soft, it is almost like velvet. He has the typical short Bassett legs but that does not keep him from running with the big dogs. If you are looking for a great new friend Mr.Waldo is waiting for your phone call and application. He is neutered.

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We would like to introduce Mr. Bentley. He is a 3 year old, fabulous, short haired Saint Bernard. He is from a one owner home that had to relinquish him due to financial and home issues. He has lived with Boudreaux and they are very good friends. In a perfect world we would love these two to be adopted together, however, we will not mandate that. Bentley gets along great with all of our Saints, is house trained, loves attention and wants lots of love. We have not found any bad habits and he is good with cats. If you have wanted a perfect short haired Saint you could not find a better dog than Bentley. He is current on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and neutered. He has the cutest wrinkly face.

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Please meet Mr. Boudreaux. As you can see from his picture he is a gorgeous dog that we believe is part rough coat Collie and part Shepard. Boudreaux came to us with Mr. Bentley, the Saint Bernard, due to a family having to relinquish their dogs due to financial issues. He is approximately 3 years old and has the most gorgeous coat you will ever find. It is a mix of beige, black, white, tan and brown. He has quite the personality and is fun to watch and be around. Boudreaux has much more energy than the Saints and he is quick to put them in their place. He is very kind but lets them know he is the boss. Boudreaux would do well with a family that is active with a back yard and someone that will take him on walks or jogging. He is a little on the heavy side and needs to lose 10-15 pounds. He is current on all vaccinations, neutered and heartworm negative and gets along with all of our dogs. He is housetrained and just a pure joy to be around. We would love to see Boudreaux and Bentley go to the same home but understand that may not be possible.

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Jazzy is a 3 year old, shorthaired, full female Saint Bernard. She was an owner surrender. Her owner could no longer keep her due to living in an apartment. She is spayed, heartworm negative and current on all vaccinations. She is housetrained. Jazzy prefers to be around people rather than dogs.

Note: We are looking for a home where she is the only animal. She is fabulous girl that is wanting to get love and attention from her family. She would be great with children. We would recommend training her for socialization. Jazzy is housetrained, loves dog beds, loves to run and play in the backyard.

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Liam has been ADOPTED!

Liam is a 5-6 month old gorgeous puppy that came to us as an owner surrender due to divorce. He is a half Great Pyrenees, part Saint and part Anatolian Shepherd. He has received shots and is going to be scheduled to be neutered soon. He is housetrained. He is a little skittish but, he is very loving and is a joy to be around. He is learning to be around other BIG dogs and starting to enjoy it. He is a fabulous puppy and we are looking for the perfect home where he can receive the love and attention he deserves.

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It is with heavy heart that we tell you our Rusty went to the Rainbow Bridge. You know we loved you Rusty and are glad we saved you from your awful life. We will see you again! Rest In Peace sweet sweet boy!

Meet poor Rusty. He is a senior, 6-8 years old, who is nothing but skin and bones. He came to us flea infested and weighing only 50 pounds.  He is in critical care with numerous infected dog bites, heart worm positive, anemic, lung infection  and severe hair loss. He is on multiple antibiotics and is being watched closely.

Rusty will be evaluated for a course of treatment for heart worms and be neutered in December.  It will be awhile before he will be up for adoption.  We will keep everyone updated on his care.

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Honoring our Veterans…

Bella gives Thanks to our Veterans!

St. Cloud’s Rescue salutes you!

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Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday to Houston Rosie!

We love you!

St. Cloud’s Rescue

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Let’s go shopping!

One of our wonderful supporters is willing to make hand towels that are embroidered with a St. Bernard and a paw on each towel. She can also personalize with your dogs name. She also has other breeds available. Each towel would be $20.00 plus shipping to have it embroidered with the dog and the paw. It will be $3.00 extra to personalize with the name. Shipping for one towel is generally $3.25. Please contact Kathy to order kmzeller@verizon.net or 214-850-7039. You can make a paypal payment using this paypal account. nutkate77@gmail.com.

Thank you for supporting St. Clouds Rescue!

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Pebbles and Bam Bam were brought in together. Pebbles is a smaller female Saint Bernard that was used for breeding over and over. She is approximately 2-3 years old and is spayed and now weighs close to 100 pounds. She has lots of energy and has a wonderful personality. She enjoys being groomed and getting her bath. We have not yet introduced her to other dogs other than Bam Bam where they lived together. She has received all her shots and heart worm negative and doing great. If you have wanted a smaller Saint but want all the personality of a Saint you might consider meeting our Pebbles.

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Bam Bam has been ADOPTED!

Bam Bam and Pebbles were brought in together. Bam Bam is a gorgeous male Saint Bernard that is between of 2-3. He is heartworm positive but will be receiving his treatment soon. He has been neutered and will no longer be helping Pebbles have babies. He is app 125 pounds and has a gorgeous mahogany coat. We have not introduced him to other dogs yet due to his surgeries. He will not be allowed to be adopted until his heartworm treatment is finished and six weeks after that date. If you want a magnificent gorgeous young Saint, Bam Bam is one you might consider meeting. We will take a deposit on Bam Bam until he is ready to be adopted.

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