Molly’s Puppies!!!










                  Bonus pics…

Chewy hard at work….

Chewy & Tahoe snuggling…

Here are the first pictures of Molly’s beautiful babies! Aren’t they adorable?  They will be ready for adoption in about 3-4 weeks, depending on their progress. If you are interested in any of these cuties please fill out an application on our and follow up with a phone call to 972-679-5319 to Rosie to make sure she received your application. We are located in McKinney, TX.

Thank you again to Brian & Leslie!  We couldn’t do this without you!

Update note from Leslie:  One of our little troopers has developed aspiration pneumonia. We started Eva on antibiotics and are watching her closely. The x-rays showed we caught it early which is the good news. The others seem to be doing well, but I will watch closely for any similar signs.

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This is Molly, the mama of 12 beautiful babies!  When Rosie and I got downtown to see the mama with her 12 babies we quickly saw that if she has any Saint in her it is very little. She is probably some kind of Shepherd mix. No matter we couldn’t leave them. She is an owner surrender brought to Dallas Animal Service two days before her babies were born. She is skin and bones trying to take care of 12 pups. They are now 3 weeks old and are being fostered by a loving family that has 4 of our Saints. We are so appreciative!

Update…The Mama is doing quite well. She is warm, happy, being loved on, taking care of her babies and most importantly she is safe with Leslie and Brian. The babies, 4 boys and 8 girls, are growing, their eyes are now open and they are eating well.  If you are interested in adopting a puppy please fill out an application on our website and then follow up with a phone call to 972-679-5319 to Rosie to make sure she got the application. And equally important is please share so as soon as they are ready we can get these babies adopted.  We appreciate the donations that we have received to take care of these puppies. Please consider donating to these babies and the mama for their vetting, spaying etc.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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Missy 2

Missy 2 is an owner surrender, full Saint Bernard female that is two years old.  Missy is a very well behaved beautiful young girl that loves to be the alpha dog in a pack.  She does well with most other dogs but should not go to a home with little dogs. We would recommend her going to a home with either no other dogs or a home with male dogs. She is getting spayed next week and is heartworm negative. She has been loved and very well treated with her previous owner. She is used to sleeping in peoples beds and loves attention and going on walks. If you are looking for a healthy, beautiful full Saint Bernard female, please consider meeting our Missy 2.

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Big Mama

Big Mama is an Saint Bernard/Akita mix. She came to us from Southern Texas and has been a mama sometime in her life. She is now spayed and will never having to worry about having more babies. She is a joy to be around and is one of the most loving dogs that we have ever had at St. Cloud’s Rescue.  As most of you know we know all about St. Bernards but we have no knowledge of what an Akita was like. By having Big Mama we have become true fans of the Akita breed.  Big Mama’s coat feels and looks like an Akita but has the markings of a Saint. She is so attentive and mellow you just want to give her pets and hugs all day know. She is house trained, does not need to be created and is fine being left alone in the house for a few hours each day. She does not bark often and is a very low maintenance dog. We are guessing her age to be 4 years old. She was heartworm positive but we have completed her heartworm treatment and she will be fine with monthly preventative for the rest of her life.  She weighs 81 lb. and could lose a few pounds like many of us. If you wanted a fabulous new friend please consider meeting Big Mama.

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We are proud to announce that we have a fabulous famous Shakespeare at St. Cloud’s Rescue!

Shakespeare was an owner surrender due to the individual moving to an apartment where she could no longer keep him. He is a 9-10 month old lab/golden mix. He has the combination of two of the best family type dogs ever. Shakespeare was purchased from a backyard breeder when he was 6 weeks old. He has received nothing but love and attention and is very well mannered for his age but is still a puppy. He loves all dogs and  people of all ages. He knows how to sit, and is pretty good on a lead. There is only one thing he hates and that is being in a crate!  If you put him in a crate he will bark nonstop.  Once you let him out of the crate he is a perfect dog again. He loves car rides and enjoys going to the park or long walks. He loves to fetch toys and wrestle with other dogs. We believe he will be on the smaller side about 60 pounds when full grown. If you looking for a puppy that is well trained and almost out of the difficult puppy stage please consider adopting Shakespeare.

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