RIP Goldie….

It is with a heavy heart that I have to post our sweet Goldie died today in the loving arms of Rosie. I’m sorry Goldie we couldn’t find you a forever home, but you had more love in the last year than you did before they dumped you at our gate. RIP sweet girl. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Meet our Goldie. Here in Texas, as many of you know, we have had some very severe storms this spring. Very recently we had a storm with 65 hour wind and during this storm a beautiful soaked female golden mix came to our gate. We quickly took her in and gave her food water and warmth. Signs and internet postings were sent out to try to find her home. That failed and she was taken to the shelter to give her the best chance of being reclaimed. While at the shelter she received shots and no chip was found. We had notified the shelter if no one claimed her we would take her to get well and taken care of until she was adopted. As many of us are used to, no one claimed her. We picked her up, got rid of all the ticks and fleas and now we are working to get her strong and healthy enough to be adopted. She is very underweight at this point and we do not know how old she really is until she gets her vet appointment. She looks like a golden retriever with pointed ears. Goldie is one of the most gentle and quiet dogs you could ever meet. We have introduced her to our nicest dogs and she gets alone great with them. If you have wanted a golden but could not find one or did not want to purchase one Miss Goldie is a fabulous option to consider.

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