Wilbur has been ADOPTED!

St. Cloud’s Rescue would like for you to meet Wilbur. Wilbur is a special case. We don’t normally see dogs this old. Wilbur’s owner died and his daughter did not want any of the four dogs this man had. Their plan was to let them out in the street and fend for themselves. However, a wonderful rescue person received notification of this horrible, deadly plan and stepped in and took Wilbur to her home. She then contacted St. Cloud’s Rescue and we made arrangements for her to deliver him to us. As you can see by these pictures, Wilbur is an old boy, the vet believes he is somewhere between 10-13 years old. Wilbur is completely deaf and has some of the worse hips you can ever imagine. He is heartworm positive, not neutered and had been full of fleas. That is what we call a triple disaster. We have made arrangements for Wilber to get neutered and have put him on many medicines that will relieve the pain of his hips. The fleas are all gone and we are not sure if we will do the heartworm treatment due to his age and condition. That will be up to the vet in the months to come. He is a very gentle soul.

If any of you are wanting to offer a home where Wilbur could live out the rest of his life that would be fantastic. We do not know how many years Wilbur has left on this earth, but he is here now and we will make sure he is happy, safe, secure and that he knows what love is. This is one of the dogs that shows St Cloud’s takes in any dogs at any age and in any condition. This is one of the new 6 dogs that came in this week that your donations will go to help.

Thank you for the recent donations on our fundrazr page.

Please continue to help these pups. fundrazr.com/51GEee

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We are interested in Wilbur but live in San Antonio and wanted to ask your opinion on how he would tolerate transfer to San Antonio (approximately 5 hr journey) and is he able to walk up a ramp to get into a vehicle for travel? Thank you for any information you can provide and thanks for all you do.


seoguest (Ali) Traveling to San Antonio shouldn’t be a problem. As for the ramp, you would have to ask Rosie about that. I am a volunteer and haven’t seen Wilbur personally yet. Please fill out an application and then call Rosie at 972.679.5319 to make sure she got all your information and then set up a meeting!
Thank you for your interest!
Volunteer for St. Cloud’s Rescue

Grace Stewart Thank you so much for your reply and thanks so much for your heart to serve these beautiful animals!

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