Handy is a cross between and Australian Shepherd and possibly a Rottie. He currently weights approximately 69 pounds and is full grown. Handy has had a very tough life. The story goes, he was owned by a street person who died and left Handy to live on his own in the streets. He had made friends with two other dogs which helped them to become a pack. The three of these pups were inseparable and protected each other from the cruelty that other people and animals bestowed upon him. With the help of two wonderful ladies they spent over 2 months trying to catch these three dogs and to be able to save them. After many hours of sitting and coaxing with treats Handy was able to be caught and taken to one of the volunteers homes. She promptly took Handy to the vet and got shots, heartworm test, flea and ticks removed. We received a call from this lovely lady and she asked if we would be willing to accept Handy into our program. He is still very shy and skittish, but wouldn’t you be if you lived on the street for over 2 years. He is approximately 3-4 years old and house trained. As most of you know we are a Saint rescue so Handy does not fit out normal profile. However, once you meet him anyone would fall madly in love with this gorgeous boy that just needs TLC and a wonderful forever home to make him feel secure. He is heartworm positive and will be neutered August 2nd. Once the neuter is healed we will arrange to have his heartworm treatment completed. The heartworm treatment will be covered with the funds that were raised by these two woman on FundRazz. If your heart is open to REALLY save a dog that is a true rescue story, please consider meeting our Handy.

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