Tough Times…

Message from  Cooper’s owner, Wayne…

We lost Mr. Cooper yesterday.  He was too sick to go on any longer.  He lost

interest in food and Diana was spoon feeding him 4 or 5

times a day.  He got progressively weaker, couldn’t get

his hind quarters up without help.  X rays from animal

hospitals showed cloudiness in his lungs, probably pneumonia

or cancer.  Couldn’t do anything if cancer so they hit

him with antibiotics to try to clear his lungs.  He got

progressively weaker to the point that we had to lift him up

so he could stand and then support him when he walked and

tried to do everything he was used to doing like walking the

perimeter of the back yard to check everything out. 

Yesterday morning I took him out in the back yard and he

would walk 10 feet and stop out of breath and want to sit

down.  He couldn’t go any further, it was time to say good-by.

He was a very special guy, we’ll feel this loss for a long long time.

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Carmen I’m so so sorry about Mr Cooper. My dog passes away with the same symptoms as he had during Christmas. They said that he, scout, has pancreatic cancer that moved to his lungs. It’s strange that both had the problem walking also. He could use his front but the back ones just couldn’t keep him up. And yes they could see a fluid like mass substance in his abdomen and lungs also. My dog was a mix with St. Bernard, but I wondered if it was a food that caused it also. We used Chef Michaels and ol Roy rounds. Just weird symptoms that we’re alike. I’m so sorry:(

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